Our team at Lincoln Dental Arts believes that your kids need the same level of dental care just like adults. That’s why we have dentists who have specialized in taking care of your kid’s dental treatments.

When you visit our offices with your kid, it is important to understand that the main aim of our kids’ dentists is to offer a good dentist-to-kid relationship. As a result, your kid now becomes more confident and can become responsible for his or her teeth.

When parents visit our offices, we always advise them to choose our dentists who specialize with dentistry for kids. Our dentists who deal with kids have child-friendly offices, which goes a long way to make your kid comfortable. They also have they have the necessary experience to diagnose your kid’s oral problems and advise them on how to take good care of them.

Our pediatric dentists have the skills to deal with oral problems affecting kids like bite problems, premature dental injuries, crooked teeth, gingivitis, and tooth decay.

Preparing Your Kid For A Dental Appointment

Before you visit our offices for a dental appointment with your kid, always make sure that the kid has had enough rest. Also, the kid shouldn’t be hungry by the time you visit our offices. Also, we advise parents to write a list of queries they may have just before they visit our offices. Even though it is not essential to prepare your kid in advance for the dental appointment, it is important to discuss the appointment with your kids. If your kid has some anxiety issues due to dental appointments, it is important to ease the anxiety before the visit.

How To Help Your Kid Stop Fearing The Dentist

Many of our dentists acknowledge that some kids have anxiety about dental checkups, and they completely understand their fears. However, our dentists do advise parents on how they can assist in alleviating this anxiety. Here are a few tips are given by our dentists, which you should follow before and during the dental appointment with our dentists:

Use reading and role play such as using books with pictures about dental visits and encourage your kid to play the role of a dentist with a doll a stuffed animal. Also, always try to talk to them with a positive language and make sure that you explain to your kid that our dentists will help him or her to have strong and healthy teeth. It would help if you also came prepared. For example, you can carry along some toys for distractions and comfort, which are very important, especially when the kid is at our waiting room and dentist’s chair.

Our dental professionals have the required skills to demonstrate good brushing skills to you as a parent as this helps you to manage the oral care of your kid.

Contact Lincoln Dental Arts at (601) 582-1623 today for more information about dentistry for kids. Our professional pediatric dentists are committed to ensuring that your kids receive the proper and correct dental care at the right age.