Here at Lincoln Dental Arts, we are Dental Implants experts, and we install crowns very regularly.

Crowns are prosthetic implants used to repair teeth whose top surface has been damaged either by tooth decay or trauma. Crowns are like caps for the damaged teeth. Crowns are permanently attached to the tooth after it has been cleaned, disinfected and properly shaped.

The tooth to be repaired has to still be strongly anchored in its jaw socket, so that a crown can be attached. Crowns are commonly used after a root canal or scaling procedures. Crowns restore the normal shape and appearance of your teeth. The crowns will give you a great aesthetic appearance as well.

When Is A Crown Necessary?

The main aim of attaching crowns to teeth is to restore their normal shape, and strengthen them so that they can function properly. Therefore, any tooth that has had its surface damaged in one way or the other might need a crown.

Our dentists will recommend a crown after you have undergone treatment for a decayed tooth. After the decay has been removed, a cavity is normally left behind. The cavity needs to be filled up and closed with a crown.

Your tooth could be cracked or fractured after an accident. After our dentists have removed the fractured parts, the tooth will lose its shape. Such a tooth could use a crown as well. An injury on a tooth could loosen it as well. A crown will strengthen the tooth and allow it to function properly.

Some people use crowns to disguise their colored teeth as well. Some people opt to have their colored teeth covered instead of having them cleaned. The teeth can be permanently covered with crowns.

After tooth extraction, you should not let the space left behind remain empty. It is going to affect the layout of your other teeth due to bone loss. You should get a dental implant. The implant consists of an anchor post that is screwed onto your jaw bone, an abutment is them placed on the post, and then covered with a crown to look like an ordinary tooth.

How Do Crowns Teeth Function?

Crowns are permanent and can only be removed by a professional. Crowned teeth function just like your ordinary teeth, especially if they have been placed over strongly anchored natural teeth. Crowns are made of ceramic, porcelain, silver, or gold. A special type of cement is used to bond the crowns to your teeth. All these materials are compatible with teeth. The material to be used largely depends on the costs and color of the crown.

Crowns feel quite normal in your mouth. They might feel a bit unnatural at first, but you should get used to them in a short while.

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