Here at Lincoln Dental Arts, we always advise our patients to visit our offices at least once a year for dental cleanings. When performed at least once a year, dental cleaning can go a long way in improving your dental health. At our offices, we have qualified dental hygienists and dentists who can perform thorough dental cleanings.

Our professional dental cleanings help in reinforcing your home oral health care of flossing and brushing your teeth. Also, it allows our dentists to identify any areas in your mouth that require specialized attention.

If you observe good dental hygiene at your home through proper flossing and brushing, don’t expect to experience discomfort as you undergo cleaning. However, if you have neglected to observe your oral hygiene, then you might have some sensitivity or discomfort as you undergo dental cleaning. If you are one of these people, our dentists may use an anesthetic before they start the cleaning to remove any discomfort.

So, What Should You Expect During Our Dental Cleanings?

Physical Examination
The dental hygienists at our offices perform most of the dental cleanings. However, they must examine your mouth before they start the cleaning process. They usually use a small mirror to inspect your gums and teeth for any signs of infections. In case the dental hygienist notices a significant problem, they usually consult our dentist before they continue.

Removing Tartar and Plaque
Our dental hygienists usually remove the tartar and plaque around your gums and in between your teeth using a scaler. During this process, you should expect to hear some scraping, but this should not worry you at all. However, it is advisable that you brush and floss your teeth regularly to prevent the possibilities of plaque building up around your gum line and hardening to tartar.

Toothpaste Cleaning
Once our experts remove the tartar from your teeth, they will proceed to brush the teeth using an electric brush which is highly powered, and you should expect this also to make some grinding noise. This might sound scary; however, this will help to clean your teeth and clear any tartar remaining behind. Expect the toothpaste used during the professional cleaning to taste like your normal toothpaste.

Expert Flossing
This is also important regardless of whether you floss your teeth at home. During this process, expect our dentists to reach deep between the teeth and identify any possible problem spots that might bleed as you brush or floss. Expert flossing helps in any toothpaste or plaque that might have remained after the earlier cleaning process.

Once our dental hygienists finish flossing your teeth, they will rinse your mouth to remove any debris remaining. The rinse you receive from our dental hygienists has liquid fluoride.

Application of Fluoride Treatments
This is the last step of dental cleaning that involves fluoride treatment, which is very important as our dental specialists use it to help in fighting against dental cavities. The foamy gel used by our dentists during this process is left on the teeth for around one minute. The fluoride hardens when it is exposed to your saliva, so you can drink and eat immediately you leave our offices.

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