Here at Lincoln Dental Arts we are the best when it comes to Dental Implants. We will provide you with comfortable and durable bridges that function just like ordinary teeth. Bridges are dental implants that are used to cover up a big gap left by extracted or lost teeth. Leaving such a gap empty for long causes jaw bone loss and displacement of your other teeth.

A bridge is like a series of crowns that are connected. The main essence of getting bridges installed in your mouth is to fill up the gap and prevent bone loss, as well as improve your cosmetic appearance. Bridges are mainly necessary when you’ve lost a couple of teeth as a result of an accident. Tooth decay could eat up a couple of teeth that are adjacent to each other as well. There are several different types of bridges.

Traditional Bridges

Traditional bridges are a series of crowns that are connected, and each crown is attached to an abutment. These are the most commonly inserted bridges. They are used when your natural teeth on both sides of the gap.

Cantilever Dental Bridge

Cantilever dental bridges are quite similar to traditional bridges, just that they are only attached to an abutment tooth on one side. You only need to have a natural tooth on one side of the gap. Cantilever bridges are used when the gap to be filled up is small.

Implant-Supported Bridges

Implants supported bridges are used when there are no natural teeth around the gap. Implants are placed on each spot that should have a tooth across the gap. Some of the crowns can be left to be suspended between two implants if the implants cannot be placed on every spot. The bridge is then placed on the implants, and each crown is cemented onto the Implant.

Bridge Placement Procedure

Bridges are anchored on the teeth adjacent to the gap on either side. These teeth have to be well anchored and strong. If the bridge is to be placed over decayed teeth, the decay has first to be removed, that cavity filled up, and the teeth shaped properly in preparation for the bridge.

Bridges are custom-made. Our dentist will take an impression of the gap so that he can get your bridge made in the right size and shape. The bridge can either be made of porcelain, ceramic, silver, or gold. The material used depends on its color and cost.

Bridges are permanent and should only be removed by a professional if need be. The bridges are attached to the abutment using a special type of cement. Once they have adhered to the abutments and strengthened in place, they function just like ordinary teeth.

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